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MB Blower Aluminium


MB- Aluminium Blower

  • Made from sheet aluminium respectively from sheet steel. 
  •  Aluminium medium pressure blowers is basic for long-life operation and low operating cost.
  • All drive motors are manufactured in conformity with IP 54 and comply with EN 60034-1 (VDE 0530 – Part 1).
  • Standard version of the motors is designed for 50 Hz mains frequency and voltages of 230/400 V Δ/Y or 400 VΔ for three-phase AC and for 230 V single-phase AC in conformity with IEC 38.


  • Conveying medium air volumes at higher system resistances.
  • Exhausting gases and vapours.
  • Cooling of apparatus and machinery parts
  • Ventilation of systems with higher resistances
  • Air supply of gas, oil and coalfired systems
  • Air supply of drying installations
  • Air supply of air cushion tables
  • Extraction of exhaust gas
  • Filter installations