Venz industrial company and Venz electric company are Thailand’s leading company in the production factory. With 45 year experience since the establishment of the company until present, the company has had a strong intention to offer and deliver the quality products to the end-customers. The company’s core value is to achieve an international standard and utmost customer’s satisfaction.
The first factory called “Venz Electric Co.,Ltd” locates on Petchkasem Road (Opposite Petchkasem Soi 91). This factory produces and distributes general motor, industrial-related motor, Torch motor, and scrubber motor. Additionally, it also provides the customized motor demanded by some specific industries such as a stainless motor, a motor for floor scrubber, a motor for spinning machine generally used in the textile industry, and an aerator motor for shrimp farm. Apart from specializing in the production of motor, Venz Electric Co.,Ltd. also produces Water Pump which is quite diversified ranging from the general water pump for household use, the water pump for an agricultural sector, and the water pump for an industrial sector. “Venz Electric Co.,Ltd.” has been certified by ISO9001, and CE Marking (European standard for industrial product). Also, it has been supported by Board of Investment, Ministry of Industry, Thailand.

The second factory is “Venz Industrial Co.,Ltd. It locates at Petchkasem Soi 91. Its production line specializes in the production of the industrial fan under “Venz” brand. It supplies 3-pin industrial floor fan, industrial fan, and industrial Blower
Every factories have their Quality Control Department, which have an intensive monitoring and quality control system. The products have to be quality controlled by the international standard assessment system. Additional Research and Development Department to ensure the company’s consistency in the research, improvement and new product development. With the company’s attempt in regard of the intensive quality control, presently the company is accredited by ISO 9001:2008 from BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION (UKAS). This standard can guarantee and ensure that the customer will be confident in and satisfied by our products.

Realizing the importance of the after sales service, We has established “Service Guru” (after sales service department), which specializes in engineering, maintenance, system installation, and system testing. To efficiently support this department, the company has sourced the measurement and analysis equipments that are not only modern but also highly accurate such as Field balancing machine, Laser alignment instrument, Vibration analysis instrument, Flow and pressure measurement instrument, etc.
Regarding to the distribution channel, we distribution by TN World Supply Co., Ltd, which headquarter locates opposite Petchakasem Soi 91. This location is to serve the customers who live in the south and west area of Bangkok. Apart from the Headquarter, the company also set up Bangna branch to offer the sales and service in the East of Bangkok, whereas BannKaek Branch is to serve inner Bangkok. In the near future, Rangsit branch will open its operation to serve the customers in the north area of Bangkok. Additionally, the company opened its provincial branch in Suratthani, and also distribute with authorized dealer in every provinces countrywide.

To provide fast and reliable service to the customers, the company owns 12,000-square meter warehouse. It is the company’s main distribution center, where the stock of finished goods is kept. In the warehouse, the modern technology is implemented to control the stock keeping system as well as the countrywide distribution system. In regard to the logistics system, our company has more than 20 trucks which are equipped with GPS to ensure the fastest and accurate delivery system.